July 27 2002 THE STAR
Maxima-sing space usage
HOW can you maximise your wardrobe space and enhance the look of your bedroom? By getting a Maxima built-in wardrobe, of course! According to Maxima Franchise managing director S.N. Tai, the Maxima built-in wardrobe system is unique in that it uses sliding doors instead of "open out" doors.

Compared to "open out" doors, sliding doors save space and typically have a more modern look. In addition, Maxima's sliding doors are either made of glass, mirrored glass or a combination of wood and glass, a class above ordinary wardrobe doors.

Tai also contends that while others may use sliding doors, many cannot prevent the door from "jumping". But with Maxima's imported "anti-jump" system, and the 10-year warranty on it, customers are assured that their wardrobe doors will slide perfectly every time.

To maximise on space usage, Tai said Maxima's wardrobes come with ample storage shelves to make full use of every available space in your wardrobe. In addition, each wardrobe can be custom-made to met individual needs, said Tai. For instance, if you need more space to place shoes, additional shoe racks can be put in place. Similarly, if you need more shirt racks, your wardrobe can be customised as such.

"We treat it (the wardrobes) as an clothes organiser," said Tai. "We will come up with the right wardrobe for the right person." With enough space, most rooms can be fitted with a built-in wardrobe. Customers would simply have to drop their room ceiling low enough or have a board partition put up.

Maxima Franchise is currently having two promotions on their built-in wardrobes. Set A features timber doors while set B uses glass or glass-and-wood doors. Both are availabel in 6ft and 8ft models and come with white interior compartments. For the sets, the interiors are standardised and non-customisable.

For set A, costs are RM2,699 and RM2,999 for the 6ft and 8ft models. For set B, costs are RM3,388 and RM3,8888 respectively.

Prices are inclusive of installation and delivery costs within the Klang Valley and Penang Island. Non-promotional price for a similar setup would cost about RM5,500 for set B, for instance. This promotion ends on Aug 4.

The Maxima built-in wardrobe system is originally from Australia and the brand name has been international market for more than 24 years but is relatively new in the Malaysian market. Besides built-in wardrobes, the same Maxima system can be used to create built-in libraries and accessory compartments for other parts of the home.

For enquiries, call Maxima Franchise at 03-6275 9508 (Kepong), 03-7727 9116 (Taman Tun Dr Ismail), 03-5636 8191 (Subang Jaya).