9 July, 2008 ...THE STAR

Keep it neat, keep it tidy with Maxima’s clever units that make storing clutter, clothes and just about anything else so much easier.

Maxima’s satisfied customers include Eric Leong, better known as “Malaysia Most Favorite Designer”. “I decided to get a Maxima X-1000 series built-in library ,the library system is customisable . As you know when you buy a ready-made bookshelf, you’ll encounter the problem of ill-fitting compartment sizes as they are fixed. However, the Maxima library can be adjusted according to the height and size that you desire. In addition, the holes of the plug points are custom-made to accommodate things like fax machines and telephones.” he mentioned.

“Even though this is a built-in library, one of the attractions about this unit is that it doesn’t have a fixed wooden backing. So if you’re really crazy about colours, you can always change the colour of the wall backing. Let’s say if you’re going for a retro design, you can have a different background colour for each of the different compartments.” Eric said.

When Xandria Ooi, a celebrity columnist and MC going to move into her new home in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, ‘Maxima Wardrobe’ immediately pops up from her mind. Xandria has converted one of her room into walk-in closet. Now, Xandria’s shoes and bags are neatly displayed on shelves that remind one of the pigeon holes but certainly much more classy and attractive. Then, her clothes are hung in open wardrobes according to function’s wear, where no doors act as barriers to one’s view or rather choice of clothes. The built-in wardrobes also come with drawers for stowing away those personal items especially her jewellery and accessories, some were compartmented, for easy retrieval. “The most important point is the set of wardrobes are set up according to my requirements and they certainly meet my needs.” Xandria concludes.


Ms. Amber Chia, the most sought after model in Malaysia was also very impressed with the simplicity of Maxima wardrobes designs, advanced with modern technology, wide range of selection, the versatility of space usage and the flexibility of size, providing comfort, safety and durability for every day use. No doubts, she discovered that Maxima wardrobe suits her needs perfectly and immediately Amber ordered some wardrobes for her new home.