8 October, 2008 ...THE STAR

Shopping for new outfits and accessories can be fun, exciting and incredibly therapeutic; but when it comes to putting away the newly purchased items in the wardrobe, many are faced with a frustrating lack of space.

For TV personality and celebrity columnist Xandria Ooi, storage dilemmas are problems of the past. Her Maxima walk-in closet is a spacious X-1000 Series complete with an island unit.

After just six months of the luxury of a walk-in closet, Ooi says that she cant imagine ever surviving without one.

I love fashion and am constantly updating my wardrobe with new purchases, from tops and jeans to dresses and accessories. I used to fit everything into cupboards upon cupboards and will never utilize all my clothes and accessories simply because I dont see them, or cant find them. As they say, out of sight, out of mind.

With Maxima walk-in closet, the busy fashionista has no problems locating her outfits at a glance.

My clothes are now visibly displayed and I have an easier time deciding what to wear. Best of all, my shoes, handbags and accessories are also in full view, making it extremely fast to coordinate my outfits! says the stylish personality who is in the midst of releasing her book in collaboration with MPH Publishing.

Of course, the benefits of a walk-in closet are not limited to the female population alone. Most men who live with their spouses would find it good investment, if only for the reason that they no longer need to sacrifice wardrobe space every time their partner arrive home with new purchases.

Maxima walk-in closet is designed to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.