14 May, 2008 ...THE STAR

Nice, practical wardrobe to suit your style

When celebrity columnist and MC, Xandria Ooi going to move into her new home in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, ‘Maxima Wardrobe’ immediately pops up from her mind. Xandria has come into contact with Maxima when she was doing her research in preparing for an interview with Mr SN Tai – Managing Director of Maxima, for a television programme. She discovered that Maxima wardrobe suits her needs. Her clothes, shoes and accessories were in disarray in her previous home.

Xandria has converted one of her room into walk-in closet. Now, Xandria has no trouble looking for her things. Her shoes and bags are neatly displayed on shelves that remind one of the pigeon holes but certainly much more classy and attractive. Then, her clothes are hung in open wardrobes according to function’s wear, where no doors act as barriers to one’s view or rather choice of clothes.”I try not to cramp everything in, as I wanted to create a boutique-feel when I look at my clothes.” explains Xandria. Then, her many accessories had little compartments to take refuge in until they are needed by Xandria. “I’m a hugh jewellery fan. I collect a lot of jewellery and I wanted a place where I can display and see them every day”, she adds. The island unit with pull-out jewellery trays and chest of drawers, comes with a clear glass top.

The built-in wardrobes also come with drawers for stowing away those personal items, some were compartmented, for easy retrieval. But the most important point is the set of wardrobes are set up according to Xandria’s requirements and they certainly meet her needs. “I like the doors which are equipped with the Original Anti-jump System, which prevents them from sliding off the rails when I open or close them’, Xandria concludes.

To get a Maxima wardrobe for your home, visit Maxima’s Showrooms nearest to you:-

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