11 June, 2008 ...THE STAR

Maxima The Choice of Celebrity

Maxima is one of the very first companies to develop the concept of built-in wardrobes. Today, Maxima is the leading built-in wardrobe solutions provider in Malaysia. Maxima’s fine designs offer not only elegance but also convenience and comfort. A Maxima wardrobe is the perfect fit for your home!

Through these years, Maxima has served more than 2,000 satisfied customers including Eric Leong, Malaysia most favourate interior designer, Ms. Xandria Ooi, a celebrity columnist and MC, and many more.

Lately, Ms. Amber Chia, the most sought after model in Malaysia was visited Maxima Puchong showroom. She was very impress with the simplicity of Maxima wardrobes designs, advanced with modern technology, wide range of selection, the versatility of space usage and the flexibility of size, providing comfort, safety and durability for every day use. One of the greatest feature that impresses her is the Maxima Sliding Door that comes with a modern Anti-Jump System that won the International Award of the Australian Design Mark. The Anti-Jump System are provided with 10 years warranty. The rollers are made of durable anti-rust and dust proof plastic. Each sliding door can support up to 50kg of weight. No doubts, she discovered that Maxima wardrobe suits her needs perfectly and immediately Amber ordered some wardrobe units for her new home that under renovation at the moment.


Be like them, Visit Maxima’s Showrooms nearest to you and get a Maxima wardrobe for your home to make it looks more tidy, classy and attractive.

Ampang tel: 603-4252 5508
Klang tel: 603-3324 8116
Puchong tel: 603-8060 8272
Subang tel: 603-5636 8191
Tmn Tun tel: 603-7727 9116
Ipoh tel: 605- 545 3113
Website: www.maxima-wardrobe.com