10 September, 2008 ...THE STAR

You have gorgeous clothes. You have lots of them but the problem is you donít have enough closet space to store these outfits. Today everyone is facing the same problem and even the International Super Model, Ms. Amber Chia could not avoid it. She discovered that Maxima wardrobe suits her needs perfectly and she was very impressed with the simplicity of Maxima wardrobes designs, advanced with modern technology, wide range of selection, the versatility of space usage and the flexibility of size, providing comfort, safety and durability for every day use.

The high appearance of Amber in different shows and events, she would always demand for perfection that specify on mix and match her clothes & accessories in order to lighten up the stage. Consequently, Amber obtained Maxima X-1000 series wardrobe which offering incredible space-saving solutions and more storage options to solve all of her numerous clothes arrangement.

This durable built-in cabinet carrying a big capacity of area without occupying the space of room. Beside than helping Amber to fill hundred clothes, shoes, jewellery and thousand accessories, the incredible design of wardrobe come with luxurious finishing adding elegance to Amberís room as well.


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