As a TV host-journalist-emcee, fashion is an integral part of Xandria Ooi’s life. Naturally, for someone who owns heaps of clothes, shoes and accessories, she needs a wardrobe to match. So when Ooi was doing extensive research in preparation for an interview with Maxima’s founder Mr. Tai for a television program, she discovered that a Maxima wardrobe was exactly what she needed at her new home in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.

Stepping into Ooi’s Maxima X-1000 series walk-in wardrobe is a sight to behold. With space as big as an average-sized bedroom, all of Ooi’s clothing items are compartmentalised in carefully thought-out spaces. One will not miss the striking display of shoes on one dedicated side of the wall, where Ooi says she can “see each and every pair of shoes, instead of storing them in shoe boxes.”

Ooi has a strong love for fashion, and this wardrobe is somewhat like a personal haven for her. “This is where I can express my style and showcase my creativity in fashion,” explains Ooi. “I try not to cramp everything in, as I want to create a boutique-feel when I look at my clothes,” she adds, referring to rows of tops, jackets and dresses in the wardrobe.

The self-confessed fashionista has also specifically asked for a jewellery island. “I’m a huge jewellery fan. I collect a lot of jewellery and I wanted a place where I can display and see them every day.” However, the island unit in the X-1000 series does not come equipped with pull-out jewellery compartments. To fulfil Ooi’s request, Maxima integrated the X-2000 series pull-out unit over a see-through glass top, creating a perfect display area for Ooi’s extensive collection of necklaces, bangles and earrings.

pix3Truly customising wardrobes to fit every customer’s needs, Maxima incorporated a retractable mirror, where it can be kept hidden when not in use, and frosted glass sliding doors that offer optimum privacy for the wardrobe. “I like that the doors are equipped with anti-jump system, which prevents them from sliding off the rails when I open or close them,” Ooi concludes.



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