Top model Amber Chia finds the wardrobe of her dreams from Maxima.

For Malaysian model extraordinaire Amber Chia whose lifestyle revolves around fashion, managing a voluminous wardrobe is no easy feat. “I’m a girl who has a lot of stuff – clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, belts – and I used to keep them in the storage room because my bedroom was too small to fit everything,” says the leggy beauty. “Once I even spent up to five hours rummaging through my clothes in storage just to find the outfit that I wanted!” she recalls.

So, when Amber moved into her new home, she was determined to give her garments and accessories the treatment that they deserve. “I always have a vision that my dream house would include a big wardrobe and a separate shoes and bags wardrobe,” she reveals. True to her own words, Amber dedicated a large area of her bedroom, which takes up the entire top floor of her three-storey home, and created the wardrobe that she always wanted with Maxima.


Looking at the large wardrobe with specifically-planned compartments and drawers, one might wonder how a jet-setting model is able to find the time to design it. But with Maxima’s team of professional designers to help her with the planning process, she doesn’t have to. “One of the things that I love about Maxima is that I can just tell them what I need in a wardrobe and leave the rest to them. Best of all, the end product is exactly as how I want it to be!”

The all-white wardrobe is deliberately chosen to act as a canvas for Amber’s clothes, as she finds that “white can bring out the best in any colours”. On top of that, the transparent two-way sliding doors with anti-jump system allow her to view the entire contents of her wardrobe easily, while the compartments keep her belongings neatly stored.

Just a few feet away from where her clothes wardrobe is located, the shoes and bags wardrobe in dark wood is specially constructed to fit Amber’s different sizes of bags and a wide variety of shoes. “I have around 50 bags and almost 300 pairs of shoes – all in different shapes and sizes!” she says, referring to the shelves that are filled to the brim with designer labels. “Fortunately with Maxima, I can customize it according to my needs and preferences. It’s really amazing!”

With a wardrobe to showcase her taste in fashion, this is where Amber’s personality is reflected most. “I love beauty and fashion, and I spend a lot of time in here to look for inspiration. It’s my favourite part of the house,” she says with a million-dollar smile. “But most of all I really want to thank Maxima for making my dream wardrobe come true.”